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Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. What jobs can I get as an accounting grad? How happy are accountants with their job?So if you ever did want to go in sales, or marketing, having a background in accounting helps you develop your overall business acumen. What is your main job? What are you in charge of?What do you do at Bellwest? Im a software engineer. (job title). I work in the sales department. (place in company). Im in customer service. (general area). whats your job? Inquires about the subjects current occupation. what do you do?, what do you do for a living? where do you work? [Your Real Hourly Wage] [Your Adjusted Income] [Your Adjusted Job Hours]. What You Need To Calculate Your REAL Hourly Rate. Work-Related Benefits: Jobs often offer many benefits to employees. What makes everything so confusing is that job has become a term that can encompass both the profession (programmer) and the work (programming), thus when you ask What is your job? you can get an answer I am a programmer Is it possible that your private life can interfere your work? Возможно ли, что ваша личная жизнь может мешать вашей работе? Did you have any job offers lately? Были ли у вас предложения работы в последнее время? What are your ambitions? / A job description is, basically, a brief amount of information on what doing your job requires and regards, or just a subtle explanation of it. This job is so attractive to me that Im willing to sign a contract committing to stay for a minimum of 12 months. Theres no obligation on your part.7. What new skills or ideas do you bring to the job that our internal candidates dont offer? What is your job? Newbie PREMIUM. So a banker, a lawyer and a model walk into a bar seriously. We wont make you the funniest guy in the room, but we will do our best to make you conversational, at least. I have seen many members here that help each other So just a question what do you do for living means tell us about your job At starting I am a student who study , watch movie , spent time on SB-I What is your job? "Director of IT?" "Consultant?"What is your job? "I support the servers and the network.

" "Im a software developer." "I help clients with computer problems." No, those are job functions. Belichicks "Do your job!" Video embedded Learning how to describe your position or responsibilities is crucial to doing well on an interview."Whats your greatest strength?" is an often-used job interview question and is frequently paired with the greatest-weakness question. Hello Dominik. Its perfectly grammatical but it would be considered impolite, like any other direct question about a persons money, status, religion, or political opinions. "What do you do (for a living)?" is more oblique: it allows the addressee to evade the question, if he wants. whats your job перевод в словаре английский - русский 5.

Tell me please about your responsibilities at your last job. Расскажите, пожалуйста, о своих обязанностях на последнем месте работы.6. What is your greatest strength? Каковы ваши самые сильные качества? Show that you can accept responsibility and learn from your mistakes.What are your hobbies? or Do you play any sports? The interviewer may be looking for evidence of your job skills outside of your professional experience. Up next. Learn English - Asking About Hobbies, What do you do for fun? - Duration: 3:23. Learn English with EnglishClass101.com 480,812 views.Talking About Your Job - Spoken English Lesson - Duration: 10:30. This worksheet contains 20 caricature pictures of famous characters. These characters represent a certain job or it is a celebrity pretending to have a different job. It includes their names and suggested occupations you can use while teaching. Youll also find there suggested activities for your lesson. 2. What are your strengths? (В чем ваша сила? В чем вы сильны?What is the typical day for this position (job)? Узнайте, какие у вас обязанности и что ожидать от обычного рабочего дня. Submitted by admin on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 21:53. Questions for discussion: Is Your job secure enough? If You get fired v what will you do? RE: What is your job? 08-14-2015, 05:30 PM 2.well I dont know when is rush hour in your place, but in mine country rush hour usually takes place between 6-8 and 14-16 its annoying to fuck. But dont just stop there explain how you have suggested ways of improving the systems or demonstrate what changes you have made to improve processes in your current workplace so you come across as being solution- rather than problem-oriented. If youre going for a job as a sales rep "Whats your current salary?" a hiring manager asks you. Instantly you tense up, unsure of how to respond. Its a common — and uncomfortable — job interview scenario. In some places, its no longer legal to ask about an applicants previous compensation. But that doesnt mean that their not smart everybody is smart in some way. Do you wonder what job you will get because of your smartness???? Well youll find out in just a few minutes if you take this quiz!!! what are you job? what are you job? What are you looking to gain from your next job? — Что вы хотите получить от будущего места работы? Say youre in a plane, or a waiting area, striking a conversation with the person next to you, and this person asks you probably the most common one between strangers so what is your job?. I checked really quickly but I didnt see any recent threads about this: What is your job? Ill go first. Im a chemical engineer for a well known company working on cool electrical things. Whats your job. Просмотров: 12574. Вопрос о работе обычно задается в самом начале беседа на IELTS Speaking практически сразу после знакомства с экзаменатором.Итак, на вопрос Whats your job? я предлагаю изложить следующее My native сity is Karaganda. What nationality are your parents? >>>Сегодня тема выпуска - работа и профессия "Whats your job?" Вы можете посмотреть и скачать презентацию. Словарь Im working with system management turbo generators on power plants and Gazprom objects. Half the time while at job I spend on learning English.Ahmet Harputlugil. how did u find me? and what kind of job r u lookin 4? Nikolay Rakhmatulin. Whats your job? - Я секретарь. А кем Вы работаете?5) Whats your job? Im unemployed. - Какая у Вас работа? Я безработный. What were your main responsibilities in your last job? Какие были обязанности на вашей предыдущей работе? Всегда говорите честно об этом. Не преувеличивайте и не приукрашивайте. Говорите по существу. What is your biggest accomplishment? 1. Dont say Whats your job? or What is your work? when you want to know what someone does to earn money.2.Occupation is a word used ecpeccially on oficial forms or for writing about the types of job that people do. job sharing — job sharing noun [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES when two people share one full time job, dividing the hours and work between them: What is your company s policy on job sharing? a job sharing scheme job share verb [intransitive] : We have 1 You.What is your job? I am a doctor.My mother is a teacher. 3 Your father. What is his job? (1) Whats your job? (2) What do you do? One book Im reading says when two persons meet for the first time, you should not say (1). If I said (1), how would you feel? Theres a couple of ways in saying it. Cual es su trabajo ? En que trabaja? ( s ) A que te dedicas? Cual es tu profesion ? Que tu haces ? This is not avery polite question Hope this helps En que trabajas is probaby the most frequent expression. What are your hobbies? or Do you play any sports? The interviewer may be looking for evidence of your job skills outside of your professional experience. For example, hobbies such as chess or bridge demonstrate analytical skills.

Вы искали: what is your job ( Английский - Русский ). [ Выключить цвета ].what is your dream job. Русский. Работа, о которой вы мечтаете. Вопрос: What is your (his, her) job?What does your job involve? My job involves maintaining the dedicated servers. (Моя работа включает в себя поддержание в рабочем состоянии выделенных серверов.) When someone asks you What do you do?, theyre asking about your job.What is your job? is still used in English textbooks, but in real life native English speakers almost never say that. They will mostly say Со словом job таких неувязок не возникает, потому что имея job вы однозначно работаете в какой-то компании или организации. Где ты работаешь? или Кем ты работаешь? не стоит переводить как What is your job (work)?. Do not say what is your job? or what is your work?.Однако "Whats your job?" - довольно часто употребляемый вариант, я всегда использовала его как подсказку, если кто вдруг не знал или забыл значение " What do you do (for a living)?" What is your job?? Мурка и Алик Ученик (25), закрыт 7 лет назад.Im a professional interpreter and translator I have been learning English for 10 years and now I am professional in that sphere. What is your job description? Ну, как называется ваше подразделение?Что такое контекстный словарь Скачать приложение Контакты Правовые вопросы. What is Your Job? Разбор возможных переводов слова работа.— Рабочих мест становится меньше, а работы все больше. Кроме того, слово job значит также профессия, данная задача: His job is an accountant. - Да, зарплата неплохая и у него 3 недели оплачиваемого отпуска и другие бенефиты. What are you? Кто вы по профессии? What would be your ideal job? Какая работа была бы идеальной для вас? Is your job easy or hard? Please tell me about your interests outside of work/ What are some things that you do in your free time?Каков начальный оклад?What are the hours of the job? Какой график работы?May I ask what the specific responsibilities for this position are? — Your function will be foreign market research. Also we want to use your language skills, so it is possible that you will translate different documents. — I like the job you have offered me. I accept your offer.

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